Bloodless hunting with a traditional bow


A joyous, sporty and romantic day for your clients or employees with traditional bows, intact nature, sunshine or glittering snow helps to promote both your own as well as your guests’ health, keep away work fatigue, forget everyday tensions, and provides all relationships with a new and stronger meaning.

If you have found out that ordinary events have become boring both for you as well as for your guests – try the bow! Basic archery can be easily learned and it suits almost everyone irrespective of one’s age, gender or athletic shape.

After suitable archery equipment is distributed to everyone and after a short training session, it is time for a hunting competition, where one gathers points by shooting game-shaped targets. Although such bloodless hunts may take several hours, time will pass unnoticed with a gripping activity.

So far, nobody has left the woods without a catch, as the groups of hunters are led by experienced hunt masters or group leaders. Catches will be shared even after a bloodless hunt. Everybody gets an “Archer’s Star” as a reminder of the unforgettable event, irrespective of whether one is “the biggest animal-lover” or the winner of the hunting competition.

A little warning – you may become addicted to archery!